The Ideal


Archipelago is an ongoing project that explores life inside intentional eco-communities around the world. Through this work I aim to investigate the concept of utopian society in 21st Century, researching the forms of social structures and interplay created inside these micro-societies, together with the interaction between the communities and their natural surrounding. But it is also a work playing with the embrace and rejection of ideologies; with ideology being the driving force to the creation of these communities. Each of the eco-villages I visited in so far (all of them inside the European continent) is a world in its own, with its rules, beliefs and reasons of existence. Some communities are fully self-sustainable, others focus on political activism, while some others embrace concept of free love and sexuality. Yet, the concept of community, shared resources, sustainability and cooperation seem to be the shared ground between all these places. These green islands are part of a wider archipelago, an underrated network witnessing young people rejecting the laws of capital and exploitation, but rather determined to create their own idealistic world. A subtle, yet effective form of resistance, a slim chance of what a post-capitalist society might look like.
Archipelago attempts to rise a debate about the notion of community, the endless search for an utopian society and the needed mindful relationship between human beings and the natural world.