Inside the Blue Eyes

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Inside the Blue Eyes

Inside the Blue Eyes is a concept book concerning the condition of Alzheimer’s disease and the existential implications that come with it. This work aims to explore and depict the subconscious mind of my grandmother, affected by Alzheimer’s disease during the last 12 years of her life.
“What does she think about? What does she feel?”
These are some of the overwhelming and over-repeated questions my family wondered about. These unsolved enigmas drove me to approach this personal story, sadly a widespread topic, through a combination of her portraits and archive images from my family albums.
The portraits shot in 2013, express the turmoil of feelings and emotions that shined through her blue eyes and gestures, which changed at a very fast pace. Something was clearly going on inside her: she was seeing things and she had reactions to unconscious memories, which made me both curious to discover more and frustrated for the impossibility of knowing it. In an effort to fill this gap, I carefully looked at my family albums, a rich source to know more about her life, which she could no longer narrate. Thus, by imagining her inner world I deconstructed the family snapshots in order to give shape to her concealed mind, cropping the images to details and highlighting touches, smiles and feelings that would remain embedded in one’s subconscious. This is an attempt to reveal the inner existential struggle, as well as the hidden world never communicable by the patient, neither graspable by an observer.